The Room of the Weeping willow




The name of this room has vaguely been given by the similar form to a willow of a particular column and characteristic given by the union of a stalactite and a stalagmite.

The stalactites are forms cylindrical or conic pendants from the ceiling, often thin and sometimes long quite a lot meters.

The stalagmites are similar to the preceding ones but turned upward beginning from the floor: certain stumpy forms reach heights of 10 meters in our Cave.
A stalactite starts to form him as a thin tubicino of calcite (spaghetto); the water that escapes from a crack of the time flows inside the tubicino and falls drop to drop to the extremity.
The calcite is deposited on the edge of the tubicino as a ringlet of so many small crystals.

With the time the extremity of the tubicino obstructs him and the soluzione,che escapes from situated cracks in proximity of the base, it deposits various concentric layers around the initial tubicino that thickens him in this way and it lengthens.

The stalagmites introduce a structure to "overlapped domes"; the resultant forms are very various and fanciful: battery operated of inverted dishes, to degrees leaves, to cauliflower, etc.
In this room you/they can also be noticed some concretions to wall said "splash concretions."
They forms on walls submitted to a more intense phenomenon of dripping "inverse" walls that is that they receive spray or drops of rebound from the floor or from other wall.
Their form is an united mammellonare, due to the fact that as soon as these concretions develop him they take spheroidal form and connecting himself/herself/itself the one to the other one they end up assuming this typical structure.

Along this line of gallery some clearer stains to round contours are noticed in correspondence of the indentations of the time; they is the so-called ones "beads of compressed air" identical to those of the "Cave of Wind" (Lucca); evident traces of pads of air that are formed when the gallery was invaded by the flood and that they prevented the water to come to contact with the time in correspondence of the indentations.

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