Room of the ramifications with head of elephant





 A stairway conducts to the beginning of a long burrow that had artificially widened through the employment of quite a lot mines among 1940 and 1950.

Toward the end of the burrow he/she meets him a small niche of erosion or pot.

These hollow, that are often introduced in series, are produced by the whirling motion of the waters, with the help of the pebbles from these transported in the lines to strong inclination.

The excavation continuing, they extends to sfiancarsi, melting himself/herself/itself the one with the other and allowing so to the erosion to proceed as through a series of following trapanazioni.
Later to the shelter of the pressure of the water, you/he/she has begun to form him a deposit of carbonate of kick inside the pot.

The burrow finishes with a room he/she dictates "Room of the ramifications", because to this point it opens an alternative: to the right he climbs a steep slant and, crossed a hold opening through a sharp pain curtain of stalactites colonari, she is reached "Room of the bats"; to the left it continues the principal branch toward her "Room of the Wonder."

In this room it is visible the thick concrezionamento of the cave; on a side there is a casting similar to the head of elephant, his/her color ivory, in the superior part it is due to the fact that nessun'altro element is mixed with the carbonate of kick of which is constituted; in the inferior part, instead, the coloration is darker for the presence of iron oxides and manganese.

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