Room of the Bats





 A narrow passage among some columns introduces us to the "Room of the bats", that is the tallest part of the cave, only 30 meters around of calcareous series, and where possible to admire some samples remained of fauna cavernicola is.
The bats colonize the caves during the winter lethargy.
The bats of this cave have the characteristic to produce a great deal of guano, that constitutes an excellent nourishment for a lot of animal kinds with his/her elevated way of nitrogenous mixtures.

Also the Ortotteris (Dolichopoda) canter the cave and they represent a conspicuous source of provisioning.

The principal nourishment of these little animals is found in the clay that is the organic residue that stays in the ground.

This room is still flood of inghiottitoi not yet definitely saturated; beyond the handrail it had center a seasonal little pond fed by the waters that they originated from the inghiottitois, whose violence is testified by a broken stalactite.

At the end of a depth slide there is a very narrow duct, long around 200 meters, that it is connected to the branch "active."

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