Gallery of the wonder and Room of the Columns




 Through her "Gallery of the wonder", adorned by the beautiful concretions died entirely of every type with dripping of absent, and inhabited water during the winter period from a sharp pain colony of bats, he arrives to a small hallway that preannounces the very beautiful one "Room of the Columns."

The name doesn't need certain explanations.
This represents the most beautiful and most ancient room of the whole cave, ancient because they are present columns from the very great diameter.

In fact after the union of the stalactite with the corresponding stalagmite, the growth of the column rather than in vertical it continues in horizontal sense.
The ceiling is characterized by the presence of black stains, that is guano of bat.

The most careful people will surely notice a detail, and that is that to every stalactite it corresponds a stalagmite while not the contrary one is always true.

This happens when the speed of percolazione of the water is too raised to allow the deposit of the carbonate of kick and in this case the stalagmite it will be formed only.

In this room they are also present of the concretions "to slice of ham."
Their formation is due to the movement of waters carbonatiche on a tilted wall and the chromatic differences to its inside, due to different mineral substances dissolved in the water, they attest the temporal succession of growth.

In this zone of the cave and as the whole inside run, the temperature is constant and wanders around the 14-15C; they make exception the zones it crossed from current of air and to the entry, where the seasonal thermal variations sensitively influence the inside atmosphere.

The atmosphere of the caves is generally saturated of vapors of water and the degree of relative damp it is inclusive in the majority of the cases among 95-100%.

Together with the relative damp as factor limitante the rate of evaporation must be considered; the deepest parts as this room, generally introduce exceptionally a low rate of evaporation.
E'in proximity of the entries that occurs the maximum variations, above all seasonal.

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