The Corridor Franchetti





The Corridor Franchetti is some the prelude to what the tourist he/she will meet more before; left the light of the sun, only the electric lamps succeed in putting in evidence the walls rich in concretions.

The electric plant of the power of 30 KWs essentially consists of lights of camminamento and emergenza,con batteries in insertion tampon automatic and lights scenografiche with lighting mean gradual of electronic groups provided of fotocellula and timer.
To avoid the formation of puddles provoked by the waters of dripping and by the floods that they succeed in also flooding the branch "fossil", along the tourist camminamentis a sewerage has been realized.

Beside it you/he/she has been set in work a pipeline endowed with attacks for the washing of the camminamentis. Water is introduced to tall pressure in the plant through a submerged pomp systematized in the lake "blue."

In the corridor it is possible to superficially observe a beautiful casting of pure calcite and mixed to slime in the underlying layers.



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