Folklorist demonstrations


       So many Parties rich in traditions and folklore. Despite is few the documents on which it is possible to reconstruct the ancient history of the country, the tied up demonstrations to the traditions they are a lot of instead, those truer, those more authentic, those that are handed down with joy and love of family in family. Among all the most meaningful and symbolic it is her/it "Party of the SS. Cross" that it develops him every year on May 3, day when the Catholic Church remembers the invention of the SS. Cross or rather the recovery («inventio»>, in the first halves the IV century, of the sacred wood of the cross of Jesus Cristo from the holy empress Elena Flavia Julia, mother of Costantino. The solemnity that is given to such recurrence to Pastena derives from the fact that, until to the medieval epoch, this country chose the SS. Cross as patrona and protectress essential Elements of the party pasteneses of May are: the Ledger one of Party, the one which guards in the proper one lives uncle of it a relic of the SS. Cross, delivered him by the priest during the Abbuso, suggestive and touching rite, during which the priest knocks three times to the door of the new Ledger of Party and the relic delivers him. In the days of the party the "Ledger" it is so the person of reference of the whole country. Among-diction wants that he habitually opens I bring her/it of its coso to offer sweets and drinks. Among the other elements remembered vo the «calf of the Cross», a steer of few months that the eve of the party is sacrificed and whose meats are distributed to the families of the country. To the sacrifice of the steer the cut of the places side by side him «May», or the tallest tree of the country, usually a cypress. The decision of the select one of the tree is up to the Ledger one of Party. The select tree is marked with a cross engraved and, to the cut, to which any owner is ever opposed, the ringing of the bells of the Mother Church and cheerful shots are accompanied that mark the beginning of the celebrations. the «May» you/he/she is dragged in procession by couples of oxen, according to an established order among the «cattlemen» with one «it counts» special that foresees also the alternation of every couple of oxen for a least trot. For his/her gronde religious value and for the wealth of the motivations that you/they countersign him/it to it "Party of May" it is really one of that appointments to which at least a face in the life need to assist. We obviously speak of whom has "spirit" tourist, or of whom feel always like seeing unique and exceptional things.     

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