The Natural Earth


       Today as once. And always with the same characteristics. Agriculture, breedings of the livestock and pastorizio constitute the principal productive activities of the whole territory. The exploit-chin of the earth has been, therefore, always to the first place in the economy local farmer. Wheat, vegetables and above all the plantations of uliveto, primary source of the family income. I am testimony of it with the numerous crushers that assure an oil of quality and superior goodness. There is no doubt, for what originally, first that is that these populations started to suffer the violences of the Barbarians, for which you/they ended up sheltering him in castles or strengthened fortresses, the country was devoted first of all to the cultivation of the earth, and in according to place to the pastorizia, or better to small primitives breedings of livestock, for the most ovine and bovine. From this second activity the pastenesis drew meat, wool, milk, skins and cheeses, with which probably, at least in epoch Roman, supplied the numerous rich seasonal residences of the patricians, pastas in the healthy zones of the Tuscolano or the Formiano.Sono passed centuries but the goodness of the products of Pastena you/he/she is always extraordinary. Really of first quality. To try for believing.   


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