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 Anno     I                                                                                  Settembre  2003                                                                         N. 1       pag.1/1



      Welcome in the Site Internet of Pastena, citadel in the Province of Frosinone, in the Italian Region of the Lazio.
The affection that ties me to my country has pushed me to realize this Site, to make to know our Country, our activities, our customs, to make to see through the photos our characteristic places and to make to understand as we are and as we were.
The site wants to be besides a point of reference for our fellow citizens emigrated in the World, because can feel more next to us, to their distant country, to their origins.
The appointment is to continually adjourn the Site giving space to the daily events documenting them with articles and photo.

I desire to thank Dr. Fabio Pannozzo that you/he/she has allowed the publication of Your book "The May to Pastena ".
I thank Gabriele Maniccia for the precious collaboration and the shown availability.
A felt thanks to the Town administration in the person of the Mayor Renato De Angelis, which, with enthusiasm, you/he/she has contributed to the realization of the Site furnishing the whole material in possession of the administration and involving the personnel of the Commune.
Finally I also thank who has not wanted to collaborate.

I invite all those people who want to write, to send photo that concerns Pastena and his/her caves, will see her publish.

                          You write to 

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