The Saloon of entry















The Caves of Pastena open in an ample polje to form of basin divided in the zones by nude calcareous reliefs that are risen by the green fund and intensely cultivated; the most greater elevation is almost had to the center of the basin and you/he/she is constituted by the Alone Mountain (m.515).
Here we find us in the porch of entry, tall middly about twenty meters, along eighty and wide around twenty-five.

Its formation is due to the erosive action both chemistry and mechanics, of the water that after sometime you/he/she has widened the access to this underground complex.
The rocks that constitute the cave go up again to the era Mesozoica, period superior Cretacico, plain Turoniano; they have an inclusive age between the eighty and fifty million years.

They are very rich rocks in fossils: Rudiste, Foraminiferi, Gastropods.
This room is characterized by the almost total lack of concretions (stalactites and stalagmites), due is to phenomenons of collapse of the time, both to the fact that you/they have not done in time to form him because of the strong speed of slide of the water in this zone.

To the of under of the gangway and on the left the river bed of the Ledger Ditch is found, a typical course of regime water torrential, whose brought you/he/she is exclusively influenced by the precipitations.

This "Ditch" it picks up the waters of the immense polje carsico of around 40 squared Kms that is carried then toward the lowest point in the basin (165, obviously constituted by the entrance of the grotta,che in this case it acts from inghiottitoio.

During the 2 world conflict, it lodged in the porch of entry of the door, the German general quartier that directed the front of Cancels, under the command of the general Kesselring.

In the most inside parts of the cave, protected from the German troops, thousand of people were sheltered run away from Cancels, Ceprano, Ceccano, Pontecorvo and from other countries of the zone during the bombardments and above all during the invasion of the troops of color senegalesi.

From the grandiose saloon of entry he/she takes beginning the branch "fossil" an authentic ramification by now abandoned by the waters, that introduces for around 880 meters a series of environments concrezionati of unbelievable beauty.

The caves "fossils" I am the testimony of ancient episodes of carsificazione of rocks carbonatiche (paleocarso).
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