Room of the Blue Lake















Crossing the gallery artificially dug in the rock, he arrives, through a gangway in metal, to the room of the "Blue Lake" that it is one of the zones most suggestive of the Cave.

From that hold fracture, with speed that varies with to vary some precipitations, a small fall goes out of around 10 meters, that he throws in the little pond, to which the first explorers have given the name of Blue Lake.

This little pond is fed by small perennial sources that are found on the fund and therefore also in the summer months it is possible to observe the lake.
Its temperature wanders around the 14-15.
In this point we find us to around 100 meters from the porch of entry and the temperature it hears again of the seasonal variations and of the damp that wanders here around 95-98%.

Characteristics wall concretions sails or curtains can be observed.

They has origin when the drop, before detaching himself/herself/themselves to fall to the ground, it sideways has the opportunity of crossing a certain line of wall and this fact it brings to the deposition of CaCo3 along the whole run of the drop, with consequent formation of concretions from the wide form and at times also thin.

A stairway conducts to the room of the Occhialone, last visitable room of the branch "active."
From this point in then the cave it is not attrazzata anymore turisticamente and to cross the following line is necessary to resort to techniques and special means.
Insofar it is necessary to return back on the Corridor Franchetti where it has beginning the branch "fossil" real.

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