Festa della S.S.Croce  


   The demonstration is so extraordinary that he holds opportune to list its principal elements:



                                   "THE PARTY"
It applies on May 3 day devoted mother Julia of the emperor Costantino that the Cross found again Saint, that did her/it close in a case box of chiseled silver to S.Elena Flavia. A part of the Saint Cross was expeditious to Jerusalem, another piece it was given as a present in Rome, to the church from her founded "Saint Cross in Jerusalem".  
Also Pastena had a bit of the Sacred Wood for interest of the marquises Casale of the Dragon, once feudal of the country.


And' he who represent the community in the carrying out of the religious celebrations, in all of their duration.


It deals with a heifer of few months that recalls to the mind the simbologia of the "sacrifice". On April 1░ the Ledger one of Party does her/it bless on the sacrato of the church and free is left for the fields. The farmers when they see her/it they make him the sign of the cross, considering that presence as a benediction. On May 1░ is sacrificed and its meats are distributed to all those people who have contributed to the realization of the festivity.

On April 15 an errand "it looks for May" formed by a group of men, it goes out to the search of the most beautiful and tallest tree, usually a cypress. after the choice the Ledger one of Party marks the tree with a cross engraved in the bark of the trunk, and from that moment the region and the ground it is known where he will cut the May. Any owner of the plant is ever opposed to the cut



To house of the Ledger one of Party on April 15 begins the preparation of the sweets, that you/they will be consumed during the celebrations. The women uninterruptedly work, day and night giving himself/herself/itself the change, there will be a table always prepared to disposition of all those people that you/they want to go to bring "the scerpa" (offered that you/he/she is served as the whole population to the Ledger one of Party and it generally consists in products that for the preparation of the sweets are needed), in change a pouch of sweets is offered with an immaginetta of the S.S.Croce. The characteristic sweets are the ciambellonis that will be delivered to all the employees.

Men's group provided of rifles that shoot salutes hits during the demolition, the drawing and the raising of May.



                       "To the dawn Of April 30, Times 6.30"
You develops the ceremony of the "Cut of May". The rite begins with to approach himself/herself/themselves on the place; to announce the beginning, is a festive ringing of the bells, accompanied by long sequences of shots of the fire crackers and the fucilieris. Also in this occasion the Ledger one of Party has the principal role. In fact, to the arrival, it kneels next to the tree together with the priest and the presents to recite the "Litanies", prayers that always finish with the invocation "hurray the SS.Croce", dopodichŔ will be always him to give the first hit of ax to the tree, they will follow, then, other hits given by the employees to the cut. After the demolition it follows prunes her/it some branches. Also the sacred vitella adorned of mantle and red ribbons with a small cross on the forehead is on the place together with the oxen that will have to haul the tree, the everything after one has happened it counts for the drawing of the first cattlemen, that you/they will have to attach the couple of oxen helped on the before with a rope. The procession of people and livestock, with to head the vitella unthreads for going himself/herself/themselves before the midday to the curve of the cemetery of the country. Here the Ledger one of Party offers sandwiches, sweets and drinks atutti the presents. At the 12.00 he leaves again for reaching Door Naples in the country and to leave him/it in standstill up to the evening.

And' the most suggestive moment of the whole party. Does the Priest bring him in silence with in hand the wood crucifix in which the relic of the SS.Croce is set, pours the house of the ledger one of party that is absorbed in the dark, blow on the door one before and second time without getting answer, the third time the Ledger one of Party asks "who is? " the priest answers "You Holy Cross that comes to visit you" to this point the door opens and they ignites the lights of the house. The Ledger one of Party welcomes the SS.Croce up to May 3. Almost contemporarily the transport of May happens in plaza that is found firm before the town building, accompanied from it howls and shots to incite the buoi. 

"1░ May"
The trunk with axes and pialle is polished up for smoothing him/it while the top is decorated with a bunch of brooms with in mean a wood cross to symbolize the Cross of Jesus. Then you/he/she is raised and hoisted in the special space, always to the presence of the sacred vitella that is sacrificed in the same afternoon.


The solemn mass is followed by the procession with a statue of the protecting SS.Croce of the country and a crowd of people it accompanies him for all the streets of the country singing its hymn. The reggitoris of the baldacco, with the priest and the reggitoris of the throne with the ciambellone to the arm they are followed by the Ledger one of Party, the mayor with the tricolor band and the on civil authority of the country. The all is accompanied by numerous shots that make to tremble of emotion the presents.

The competition develops him among young boys of the, the tree you/he/she is sprinkled of fat therefore they have to polish up him/it with rags and ash to be able to arrive to her/it peak and to withdraw the gifts that consist in the by now famous bun with a cross of pasta worked to the center, liqueurs, meats. It is money.




At the 19.00 the priest goes him in procession to house of the Ledger one of Party to take back the relic of the SS.Croces and to bring her/it in the church, where you/he/she will follow the mass of the possession. The Ledger one of Party uscente receives in hand from the priest a turned on candle and passes him/it to its successor that responsibility is taken on, for the celebrations of the following year. And' this the moment that possession is defined! The ceremony concludes him and the new Ledger of Party offers a refreshment to all the presents. The evening and the celebrations to the SS.Croce are concluded with musical diversions and fires of artifice.     


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