Feast of the Cherries and other Parties


      There is and it always owes us to be a good reason to go or to return to Pastena.Una beautiful occasion can be offered by the feast of the cherries, that also being one of the so many demonstrations devoted to the country tradition, it has a charm and a very particular atmosphere.
This party falls on first Sundays of June.
Been born so many and many years ago as fair of the livestock has preserved in the time its formality of execution. The whole country is crossed in long d in wide from allegorical wagons full of cherries, a diffused fruit in the whole territory.
The parade of the wagons finishes with the awarding of that winning, that as it is by now custom you/he/she will be celebrated in the square of the caves with songs and folklorist dances.
Even if not to the height of May " they are so many and all of notable importance the other demonstrations that characterize the life of the country.
Among the so many we like to signal her/it
          " FESTA OF ST. SINFORO "
You takes place in last Sunday of September
with the free distribution of sweets;
la          " Feast Of the Porky Mushroom And the Hypocrite "
(1 October) and the classical party in the summer PASTENESE  that really in the days of August it finds his/her apex.
Among the other demonstrations:
her "gold Ciocia" on May 1, the Procession of May 3, the party in honor of S. Antonio on June 13.

To know more of it enough a phone call in the Tourist office of the country, open every day of the year. A kind and titled person will know how to give gracefully every information.   


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